Hunt Canada

Private Group Hunts

We take great pride in providing unforgettable hunts on the northern Saskatchewan prairie. In the vast expanse of rolling grain fields and potholes, scouting is crucial to a great hunt. Your hunt is only as good as your scout. We are continuously on the road scouting and visiting with farmers and neighbors to stay up on the latest bird movement and recently harvested fields. The early season is primarily focused on pea fields with the barley becoming more popular later in the season. We will either use layout blinds, Avian X A-frame, or Tanglefree panel blinds.

The Hunt

  • 3-day package includes 3 nights lodging, 3 morning hunts, and 2 unguided afternoon duck hunts (unless the duck limit was taken on morning hunt)
  • 4-day package includes 4 nights lodging, 4 morning hunts, and 3 unguided afternoon hunts (unless the duck limit was taken on morning hunt)
  • We provide scouted fields, decoys, blinds (layout and panel blinds), calling, knowledge of the area and birds, awesome relationship with area farmers, and endless sarcastic enjoyment.


$700 per person per day plus tax


  • 8 dark geese only 5 of which may be white front (specks) possession limit of 24
  • 8 ducks only 4 of which may be pintails possession limit of 24
  • 20 snows/blues no possession limit

What is included in your hunt

  • Fully guided morning goose hunt and unguided afternoon duck hunt (unless the duck limit was taken on morning hunt)
  • Professional waterfowl guides
  • Accommodations
  • Meals – continental breakfast, brunch/lunch, and dinner
  • Trailers equipped with up to date waterfowl gear to hunt for canada geese, snow geese, and ducks
  • Scouts that will gain access to new fields daily for both morning and afternoon hunts
  • Bird hitch if you choose to take your birds home

What is not included in your hunt

  • Transportation (clients are required to follow their guide to and from each hunt with their rental vehicle)
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Licenses ($160.00 CAD)
  • Wildlife Habitat Stamp ($15.00 CAD)
  • Migratory stamp ($17.85 CAD)
  • Gun permit ($25 CAD)
  • Bird cleaning – with everyone helping it is a fairly quick process
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities (Tips)
  • Ammunition
  • Sales Tax

What to expect each day

Each day will start with an early morning wake up. We will meet in the lodge for a quick continental breakfast and coffee before we head out to the field. Your group will follow your guides to the pre-scouted field. We will begin to unload the trailer and set the spread for the morning hunt. Most mornings will have us set up on both goose and duck feed so it is possible to obtain both limits within the same hunt. After the hunt, we will pick up and pack up and head back to camp. We will clean birds and settle in for brunch and a nap. The afternoon hunt will start early afternoon for any ducks remaining on your limits. You will again follow your guide to the field and set up for the afternoon hunt. After your duck limit is filled, we will return to the lodge to clean birds and have dinner. A short night’s rest and we start over again. The last day of your hunt will be a morning hunt only. This allows our hosts to clean up camp and prepare for the next guest.


  • Saskatoon (YXE) is the closest airport to camp. We recommend an early afternoon arrival on the day prior to your fist hunt. You will need to get a rental vehicle once in Saskatoon for travel to camp. The scenic drive to camp is just short of 2 hours and includes 15 miles of gravel road. Please plan accordingly when picking your vehicle. We will provide exact directions and coordinates to camp after booking your hunt.
  • Please plan to arrive at camp the afternoon prior to your first morning hunt. We will have dinner and get everything lined up for the days to come. Some choose to arrive in Saskatoon the evening prior to coming to camp and overnighting in Saskatoon before coming up to camp. This will depend on flight arrival times.
  • You will need to plan to depart from camp after your last morning hunt. Some groups schedule their flights home the afternoon of their last hunt. If you don’t like to be rushed at the airport, we recommend traveling back to Saskatoon after your last hunt and relaxing before the early morning flight home the following day.
  • If you plan to drive up to Saskatchewan for your hunt, we will provide you with coordinates and directions to camp once your hunt is booked.
  • Each hunter will be required to have a valid passport.


  • Wildlife Habitat License- $15.00 CAD
    available at
    Note: The ministry’s automated license system ensures that any purchase of a hunting
    license also includes a 2019 Wildlife Habitat License (one-time purchase only).
  • Game Birds (Non-resident)- $160.00 CAD
    Note: A Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit, the applicable Saskatchewan game bird license and
    Wildlife Habitat License are all required to hunt waterfowl.
  • Migratory Game Bird Permit- $17.85 CAD
    Available at post offices, select license issuers or at


The firearm declaration form must be filled out in triplicate form and presented to the agents as you cross the border. DO NOT sign the form until instructed to do so by the agent. It must be signed in front of the agent. This form will need to be in your possession at all times while in the field or vehicle with the firearm. It is also required to be presented at any retail outlet for purchase of ammunition. You are allowed to borrow a firearm from another individual so long as that individual is in the field at the time of use. A standard declaration form allows each individual to bring 3 firearms into Canada. You can get a continuation form if you desire to bring more than the standard form allows. The forms can be found at


BJ West – Guide/Co-owner
BJ was born and raised in the heart of the Grand Prairie of Arkansas. He still lives on and manages the family farm between DeWitt and Stuttgart. He and his wife Alison have two children. He has operated Quack Attack Guide Service for the past 21 years in Arkansas and has been an avid duck hunter since the age of 13. He and Charlie, Co-owner, have been traveling each fall to hunt waterfowl on the Saskatchewan prairie for the past 15 years.
Charlie Cecil – Guide/Co-owner
Charlie is a native of rural southern Ohio where he continues to call home. He is a lifetime hunter and has been chasing waterfowl his entire adult life. Hunting the Arkansas Grande Prairie is how he met Co-owner BJ West. BJ was just a high schooler when they met on BJ’s Grandmothers farm. He now owns a farm and cabin a few miles down the road in Arkansas from BJ’s family farm where each fall/winter he spends most of the Arkansas waterfowl season as has for nearly 15 years. Starting about 15 years ago, BJ and I started traveling north each fall to start our season a little sooner. After canvasing much of the northern Mississippi flyway, we settled in on the Saskatchewan prairie where we hunted/guided for the past 15 years.

Welcome / Intro

Every waterfowler dreams of being in the northern prairies at the start of the winter migration. We have traveled many seasons chasing waterfowl in the north country but we always ended up back in northern Saskatchewan. There is something special about being on the northern edge of farm country and seeing fresh birds pour into the first fields on their migration south. Each year we get to experience this phenomenal hunting and share it with other waterfowl hunters. We tell everyone that if you enjoy hunting ducks and geese then you owe it to yourself to travel to where it all begins. This truly is waterfowl heaven. Come relax and enjoy the north country with us and witness what great waterfowl hunting is all about.